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AAPS, Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences

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AAPS has been around since 1977, and it is today as it has always been, the members and friends that make the Association what it is. So many have contributed towards the science of paleontology and silently passed on without much notice. They worked in the background, collecting, preparing, mounting specimens, funding scientific research and donating specimens and they should be remembered for what they have accomplished in life.

We have listed the beginning of the AAPS Tributes, and hope that you will visit each page to read about each person's accomplishments.

"What Matters Most is the Dash Between the Years"
James R. Welch 1951 - 1988 Memorial
Vito Bertucci 1956 - 2004 Memorial
René Martinus Vandervelde 1935 - 2006 Memorial
A. Allen Graffham 1918 - 2009 Memorial
Dan Rigel 1928 - 2010 Memorial/Grant
David Thomas Lindgren 1981 - 2011 Memorial
Bonnie Finney 1955 - 2013 Memorial
Thomas Whitherspoon Sr. 1930 - 2014 Memorial
Steve Sacrison 1956 - 2014 Memorial
Ron Cauble 1940 - 2014 Memorial
William A "Bill" Cobban 1916 - 2015 Memorial
Victor E. Porter 1959 - 2016 Memorial
Hugh Rose 1926 - 2017 Memorial
John Pojeta Jr. 1935 - 2017 Memorial
Dennis Daniel Murphy 1934 - 2017 Available Soon!
Fred Olson ? - 2018 Available Soon!
Riccardo Levi-Setti 1927 - 2018 Memorial
Stefan Perner ? - 2019 Available Soon!

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