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The Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences conforms to the recommendations of The National Academy of Sciences Report on Paleontological Collecting (PDF) and standard business practices and ethics. To that end, a Code of Ethics was adopted and is included in the AAPS Constitution. Each member agrees in writing, to support this Code."

1. Strive to stay informed of and comply with International, National, State/Provincial and Local regulations pertaining to collecting activities and general business practices.

2. Obtain permission from landowners or governmental authorities to gain access to collecting sites.

3. Assure that all lands, properties, flora and fauna are left without damage to property or ecology as a result of the collecting activities.

4. Require that fossil materials received from outside collectors are obtained in compliance with the above collecting guidelines set forth by the Association.

5. Report to scientific experts any significant discoveries of scientific or public interest.

6. Strive to place specimens of unique scientific interest into responsible hands for study, research and preservation.

7. Make no misrepresentation as to identity, locality, age, formation, repairs or restoration of paleontological specimens.

8. Members will strive for best business practices in all aspects of business, dealing with customers and other AAPS members in a fair and honest manner and maintaining a good credit standing. AAPS encourages members to follow good ethics but cannot act as a resource to settle disputes between said members or disputes involving customers.

9. Encourage good relations and cooperation with agencies, institutions, and organizations actively involved in paleontological pursuits.

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