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The AAPS Photo Scales were developed to add perspective and scale to any image of fossils, big or small. AAPS offers a scale that incorporates inch, centimeter, millimeter, and grain scales in one device. The scale is printed on heavy card stock, then spray laminated. The reverse of the photo scale has the AAPS code of ethics.

Our Photo Scales are available free, and one will be sent to each new member who submits a membership application. You can also obtain one by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to the AAPS office, or by stopping by the AAPS booths at the Mineral Fossil Market Place, durring the annual show January 28th through February 11th 2024.

If you need a Photo Scale and don't have time to send for one, you can download and print a full scale high-resolution version Photo Sale Click Here, https://aaps.net/pdf/aaps-photoscale-full-size.pdf. Please make sure that you have your printer quality to best.

AAPS Business Members can request photo scales and other promotional items by contacting the AAPS office.

AAPS Photo Scale with inch, centimeter, millimeter and grain scales

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