July 2024 Newsletter of the Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences


Greetings from sunny Utah. I hope that your summer is going well and that you have a few minutes to read through the newsletter, there is a lot of information to read through.

Our 2025 Show Guide is already in development and we are actively selling ad space in the new edition. Once again, the AAPS supported the Fossil and Mineral Expo held in Kemmerer Wyoming. There was a lot of activity in Kemmerer with a number of different mineral and fossil shows taking place on the same weekend. More on this below.

Have a safe and healthy summer, if you are out in the field, drink plenty of fluids. Please share your finds with us so that we can write about them in future newsletters. We would love to make you famous!

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2025 AAPS Guide

2025 AAPS Guide Cover

As mentioned, the 2025 guide is already in production. We're accepting contracts for advertising in the new guide. Whether you are set up and selling at any of the over 30 different shows or not, advertising in this publication will get you exposure to over 25,000 new potential customers.

The member advertising rates for the AAPS guide, are nearly 50% less than any other publication distributed in Tucson. A PDF version of the guide is always available to download on the AAPS website; aaps.net/Annual-Fossil-Dealers-Guide.html It clearly pays to advertise! Submit a contract early if you would like a right-side ad placement for best exposure. We only have a few more right-side pages available.

I'm available by phone: 435-744-3428 or email: george@stonejungle.com to discuss your ad, and can even assist with the art work if needed. To take a look at the rates, download a copy of our contract; aaps.net/pdf/2025-ad-contract.pdf Please note all of the special placement ad spaces have already been sold.



Kemmerer Annual Fossil and Mineral Expo Report

Once again AAPS assisted with the Fossil Mineral Expo in Kemmerer Wyoming. Beth and I manned the registration table to assist with ticket sales during the two days of the show. This particular weekend (Friday June 13 and Saturday June 14) was busy for the county with several mineral and fossil shows, a parade and a town event in the square. Many of the fossil quarries outside of the town opened on this weekend, bringing lots of visitors to the famous Eocene fossil locality.

A number of AAPS business members were set up to sell or do demonstrations during the show and the show continues to grow. This year door receipts were $1,258.00 that will be used to help restore and turn the old Fossil Train Depot into a museum for the many tourists and fossil collectors that visit the fossil rich region each year. AAPS has pledged to match the door receipts each year, contributing to the project.

While the Expo was taking place in town, AAPS members Chase Pipes owner of the Smoky Mountain Relic Room and Tyree Lamph owner of Utah Dump Digger, were doing archeological excavations near the old train depot to help recover historical artifacts that will be added to the future collection and displays of the depot museum. Chase worked on new videos to document the dig and finds that will be available. The depot was constructed in 1881 using the standard Union Pacific 24x64 rectangular plan in the old town of Fossil.

Depot Restoration

The depot project is sponsored by the Fossil Basin Institute, formed during 2009 and incorporated in 2010. It is a 501(c)3 non-profit, and the Depot is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The mission of the Institute is to promote public and scientific interest in the natural and cultural history of Fossil Basin and the surrounding region.

Chase Pipes for artifacts under the old depot  Tyree Lamph and Chase Pipes with circa 1915 barel


Newsletter Advertising

The banner ads you see posted in our newsletter help to subsidize the cost to AAPS. The cost for the ads are minimal and a three-month run is only $10.00 per month for the top or middle banner placement, and $5.00 per month for the bottom banner placement. Please call the AAPS office is you would like to be placed on the waiting list. You can also email me at george@stonejungle.com Your banner ads will be seen by nearly 600 AAPS members and thousands of non-members and potential customers each month.

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