AAPS, The Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences

AAPS, Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences

Business Office: 96 East 700 South, Logan, UT 84321-5555, Phone: 435-744-3428

AAPS Officers, Board Members and Committees

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Executive Officers, Board Members and Administration

Office Name Term E-Mail
President Andre LuJan 2023-2025 Andre LuJan
Junior Past President Craig Kissick Concurrent Craig Kissick
Vice President Neal Larson 2022-2024 Neal Larson
Secretary Sandy Ludlum 2022-2024 Sandy Ludlum
Treasurer Tracie Bennitt 2023-2025 Tracie Bennitt
1st Board Member Anthony Lindgren 2022-2024 Anthony Lindgren
2nd Board Member Amanda Cantrell 2022-2024 Amanda Cantrell
3rd Board Member Japheth Boyce 2022-2024 Japheth Boyce
4th Board Member Walter Stein 2022-2024 Walter Stein
5th Board Member Tom Caggiano 2023-2025 Tom Caggiano
6th Board Member John Issa 2023-2025 John Issa
7th Board Member Mark Agostini 2023-2025 Mark Agostini
8th Board Member Alex Ruger 2023-2025 Alex Ruger
Administrative Director George F. Winters   George F. Winters

Publicity Committee

Chair-person George Winters George F. Winters
Committee Member Paul Haman Paul Haman

Publications Committee

Donald Wolberg, Ph.D Advisor Adjunct Professor
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Donald Wolberg, Ph.D
Neil Landman, Ph.D Advisor Curator-in-Charge
Fossil Invertebrates, Division of Paleontology, AMNH
Neil Landman, Ph.D
Neal Larson (chair) Larson Paleontology Neal Larson
George Winters (vice-chair) AAPS George Winters
John Issa  
Korite International
John Issa
Rick Hebdon
Warfield Fossils
Rick Hebdon
Tom Caggiano Lost World Fossils Tom Caggiano

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