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2019 AAPS Advocate Anthony Lindgren and Lindgren Fossils LLC.

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Anthony Lindgren wearing the PaleoBond Lab Coat at work

Anthony was exposed to commercial paleontology at a young age, accompanying his father Tom Lindgren to Green River Formation quarries near Kemmerer Wyoming. He watched and learned how to spot fossils buried in the rock, how to extract and prepare the earthly treasures within. You can say that Anthony and his brothers grew up in the business.

5-year-old Anthony with his father splitting rock at the quarry

From a young age, Anthony was making discoveries, one of his first in the early 90's was the Holotype of a new species of Frigate bird named Limnofregata hasegawai. Other specimens include a bipinnate leaf named Arcoa lindgreni, later donated to the Field Museum by his father Tom Lindgren, the largest monitor lizard skeleton from North America, juvenile birds, turtles of all sizes, and the largest crocodile ever found in the green river formation.

Monitor Lizard Found and prepped by Anthony Lindgren

After starting his first business in 1999, he also worked as an assistant quarry manager for the Green River Stone Company. In 2007 he started Fossils by Anthony Lindgren and continued to build his clientel. During 2014 he created Lindgren Fossils LLC. Over the years, Lindgren Fossils has discovered some pretty spectacular Green River Formation Fossils in both the split fish and 18" layers. Anthony and the company continue to find and prepare new specimens each year, surprising visitors to the Hotel Tucson City Center with spectacular pieces from the Green River Formation.

Anthony with a newly discovered fossil bird in his quarry near Kemmerer, Wyoming

While in Tucson for the show, visit Anthony at the Hotel Tucson City Center, in the Ballroom. The company has a website; www.LindgrenFossils.com. Lindgren Fossils LLC can also be found on Facebook, or search for #LindgrenFossilsllc. Lindgren Fossils LLC attends both the Tucson and Denver shows annually.

Anthony making new discoveries in his quarry

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