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The William H. Mason Award

The William H. Mason Award will be awarded to an individual AAPS member or business that has made a significant donation(s) or contribution(s) to a scientific institution or finds a special way to help their fellow man. For several decades, William "Bill" Mason has gone out of his way to help individuals, business and institutions and AAPS believes that we should honor Bill with the creation of an award that emulates the compassion, generosity and unselfishness that he has shown others in the world of natural sciences. Letters of support of nominees and any other forms of support must be submited by January 15th. The nominee receiving the most votes by members at the annual meeting at the Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show will receive a plaque from AAPS that states "For unselfishness, caring and helping our fellow man". Please go out of your way to show kindness, even if it isn't rewarded or acknowledged.

The membership of AAPS is asked to place names of future nominees for the William H. Mason Award before the board of directors for consideration.

Nominations should be submitted to:

Neal Larson, Scholarship and Grant Chairperson
C/O Larson Paleontology
P.O. Box 1313
Hill City, SD 57745


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