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Dan and Hope Rigel Educational Grant

2023 Corporate Sponsor Applegate Lapidary

This Grant was created in the name of of Dan Rigel, who ran Caveman Lapidary along with his wife, Hope. When Hope passed away in 2020, the name of the Grant was changed to include her name. The grant money is to be used to sponsor collecting trips for students or to buy rock/mineral/fossil specimens for educational purposes. The $1000 Grant may be split into two, three or four grants per year at the discretion of the AAPS Board. Applicants need to write a letter stating how they propose to use the grant. The awardee(s) will be selected based upon need and the proposed use of funds. Following the award of this grant, awardees will be asked to provide photos of the students on trips or the student's use of the fossils in the classroom. AAPS would also like to recieve letters from students and educator(s) expressing their appreciation. AAPS also requests permission to use some of the letters and photographs on our web site to help promote the grant. If any money is left over, AAPS requests that it be returned so that it can continue to be used in the manner it was intended for.

Applications need to be recievd by November 1st to be considered for the following year.

Because of the great educational opportunities, AAPS would like to see donations to this fund increase throughout the year. AAPS will strive to distribute whatever money is donated to this grant on an annual basis. Money specifically donated to this Grant cannot go into the general fund. AAPS thanks all of the donors to this grant and we look forward to helping educate our young people in the wonder and beauty of rocks and fossils.

The applicant does not need to be a member of the Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences.

If you are interested, you may apply by sending a letter of application regarding what you need the funds for.

You must submit the following with your letter of application.

1. A letter of from your school on their letterhead acknowledging that you are applying for the Grant.
2. A copy of your faculty card.
3. A current photograph of the Applicant, which can be emailed, but it must be at least 400 pixels X 600 pixels and 72 dpi.

You may email your application to: Neal Larson, Scholarship and Grant Chairperson, ammoniteguy@gmail.com.

Funding for this Grant will come from AAPS, private donations, as well as annual Individual ($100.00), Company ($500.00) and Corporate ($1,000.00) sponsors.

The Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences, AAPS, is a public charity under IRS section 501(c)(3). As such it is tax exempt for income tax purposes and is permitted to receive tax deductible gifts pursuant to the Internal Revenue Service. It is also able to receive tax deductible bequests for Estate Tax purposes. Donations to any of our scholarships and Grants are totally tax deductible here in the United States. 100% of all Scholarship and Grant donations are used for those purposes only. Specimens donated for our annual auction may also be deductible, but you need to check with your tax and estate planner.


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