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William H. Mason III Preparators' Grant

2022 Corporate Sponsors
Jon Kramer
Dennis T. Fenwick
Bone Clones, Inc.
William Harris Mason III

The William H. Mason III Preparators' Grant was created to assist both academic and commercial preparators working on specimens that will be displayed in a public museum or will become part of a permanent research collection.

The amount of this grant will be up to $1,000 or more based, on the needs and description of the project application.

The grant must be used to purchase supplies, equipment or tools for the fossil or meteorite preparation listed in the application.

The grant application must include a description of the specimen/s being worked on, the name of the preparator/curator applying for the grant, the name of the museum or institution where the specimen will permanently reside, a list of the tools, supplies and or equipment needed to complete the preparation or preservation of the specimen, along with the proposed cost. The application should also include a resume/curriculum vitae and photo of the applicant.

The applicant does not need to be a member of the Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences.

The application must be received by December 1st, to be considered for the following calendar year. You may send your application to:

Neal Larson, Scholarship and Grant Chairperson
C/O Larson Paleontology
P.O. Box 1313
Hill City, SD 57745

Funding for this Grant will come from a Go Fund Me Account, AAPS, private donations, as well as annual Individual ($100.00), Company ($500.00) and Corporate ($1,000.00) sponsors

The Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences, AAPS, is a public charity under IRS section 501(c)(3). As such it is tax exempt for income tax purposes and is permitted to receive tax deductible gifts pursuant to the Internal Revenue Service. It is also able to receive tax deductible bequests for Estate Tax purposes. Donations to any of our scholarships and Grants are totally tax deductible here in the United States. 100% of all Scholarship and Grant donations are used for those purposes only. Specimens donated for our annual auction may also be deductible, but you need to check with your tax and estate planner.


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