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Charles H.Sternberg Scholarship

2024 Corporate Sponsor AAPS

The Charles H. Sternberg Scholarship was created in 1992 in honor of Charles Hazelius Sternberg, the patriarch of the Sternberg family of commercial fossil collectors during the late 1800s and early 1900s who collected many fossil specimens seen in museums around the world This scholarship is meant to assist graduate level students doing research in macro vertebrate fossils.

A major requirement of acceptance is that the applicant must be active in field research and collecting. In other words, we want the applicant to get out and do work in the field. These funds should thus be primarily used for the collection and preparation of macro fossils.

The amount of the Charles Sternberg Scholarship will be $1,000.00 annually and includes a one-year renewable Associate Membership.

The applicant does not need to be a member of the Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences.

Starting in 2021, applicants from outside of the United States must have a bank account in their name, that will accept wire transfers from the United States of America. AAPS will no longer mail award payments in the form of a check to other countries.

If you are interested, you may apply by sending a letter of application regarding the focus of your studies, and thesis subject, what you need the funds for, and what you plan on doing as a career.

You must submit the following for your application to be complete.

1. A letter of application outlining your project as noted above,including a summery of what the grant is needed for.
2. A letter of recommendation from one or more of your professors or advisors.
3. A current Curriculum Vitae or Collage Transcript.
4. A current photograph of the Applicant, which can be emailed, but it must be at least 400 pixels X 600 pixels and 72 dpi.

The application must be received by November 1st, to be considered for the following calendar year. Incomplete submissions, not containing the required documentation or submissions recieved after November 1st will be returned to the submitter. You may send your application to: Neal Larson, Scholarship and Grant Chairperson, ammoniteguy@gmail.com.

The Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences, AAPS, is a public charity under IRS section 501(c)(3). As such it is tax exempt for income tax purposes and is permitted to receive tax deductible gifts pursuant to the Internal Revenue Service. It is also able to receive tax deductible bequests for Estate Tax purposes. Donations to any of our scholarships and Grants are totally tax deductible here in the United States. 100% of all Scholarship and Grant donations are used for those purposes only. Specimens donated for our annual auction may also be deductible, but you need to check with your tax and estate planner.


Andrew A. Farke2001South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Darla Zelenitsky2002University of Calgary
Sunny Hwang2003American Museum of Natural History
Allan Coulson2003North Carolina State University
Gerald Grellet-Tinner2004University of Southern California
Torrey Nyborg2004Loma Linda University
Lukasz Modzelewski2012University of Warsaw
Kimberly Handle2013City University of New York
Grace Devault2020South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Christiana Garros2021University of Alberta, Canada
Trevor H. Rempert2022Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Alexandra D. Apgar2024University of New Mexico

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