March 7, 2004
Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences

Dear Dr. Larson and Members of the Association:

I wish to express my sincere gratitude for choosing my PhD study to receive the James R.Welch Scholarship in Invertebrate Paleontology.

The significant part of my PhD thesis project deals with the Upper Ordovician platystrophia-like brachiopods of North America. These brachiopods are abundant in the Upper Ordovician formations of the eastern part of USA, and housed in the museums of Natural History of different countries (e.g. in Russia).

Some time ago I studied North American platystrophiid in the Smithsonian Institution. Some of well preserved specimens I also received from my American and European colleagues. In addition, I need to examine the interior morphology of these brachiopods on the numerous specimens through preparation of serial sectioning and by mechanical preparation. The support you are providing allows me to progress in my research. The funds will go toward my field work planned for this spring in Cincinnati area and studying of relevant collection in Cincinnati Museum of Natural History and in USGS.

Thank you very much for this award again. I will acknowledge AAPS in publications relating to this project.

Michael Zuykov
Department of Paleontology
St.Petersburg State University
29, 16 Liniya
199178 St.Petersburg

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