Newsletter of the Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences

Another fossil theft, this one took place in Cheyenne Wyoming over the past weekend. The theft has been reported, and we are asking your help. I'm attaching a PDF of the stolen items with links to enlargements of each panel of the PDF. Please take a look and contact Joshua directly if you are approached with an offer to sell any of the items, or if you think you see them for sale anywhere.

The thieves took a 6 ft rust colored fossil log (broken into chunks), a marine reptile limb bone, bison bones and jaws, a Pleistocene canid (dog) skull from Nebraska, a Pleistocene racoon skull from Nebraska, numerous rodent jaws and bones from the Oligocene and Miocene of Nebraska in specimen boxes and metal cases, a White River turtle, a shark tooth from the Sundance Formation in a metal case, Lance Formation hadrosaur teeth and gar scale in a metal case, my first fossils - a Pleistocene horse tooth and white camel bone from Wyoming, several ammonites, a crocodile coprolite from the Green River Formation, gastropods, and a fossil leaf from Colorado. They also took several minerals and Caterpillar diecast items. Many of the specimens have the initials "JS" written on them for Joshua Slattery.

Contact Joshua Slattery at 307-286-7990 or email if you see these specimens or are contacted with an offer to sell them. You can also contact the Laramie County Sheriff's office, Sheriff Wright, (307) 633-4700 8 am through 5 pm.

George F. Winters, Administrative Director
phone: 435-744-3428