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AAPS Scholarships

The Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences (AAPS), is a non-profit organization of primarily professional commercial paleontologists that promote science. Each year, the AAPS offers two $1,000.00 scholarships to graduate level students in paleontology attending universities world wide. The two scholarships are given in the names of the James R. Welch Scholarship (for studies in macro invertebrate fossils), and the Charles Sternberg Scholarship (for studies in macro vertebrate fossils). These scholarships are awarded by a majority vote of the membership attending our annual meeting in Tucson every February.

These scholarships are awarded to students who qualify and meet the approval of the board of directors, and the membership. Because a majority of our members are active collectors, a major requirement of acceptance is that the applicant must be active in field research and collecting. In other words, we want the applicant to get out and do work in the field. These funds should thus be primarily used for the collection and preparation of macro fossils.

If you are interested, you may apply by sending a letter of application from you explaining the focus of your studies, your thesis subject, what you need the money for, and what you plan on doing as a career.

You must also submit the following with your letter of application;

1. A letter of recommendation from one or more of your professors or advisors
2. A current Curriculum Vitae or Collage Transcript.

All scholarship application materials must be in our offices no later then December 1st to be considered for the award. Any applications that are incomplete, or not in our offices by December 1st, will not be accepted.

Potential candidates must submit the required information along with the letter from their primary advisor to:

Neal Larson, Scholarship and Grant Chairperson
C/O Larson Paleontology
P.O. Box 1313
Hill City, SD 57745

AAPS Past Scholarship Recipients

Andrew A. Farke2001CSSLetter
Frank Varriale2002JRWSLetter
Darla Zelenitsky2002CSSLetter
Sofya L. Low2003JRWSLetter
Sunny Hwang2003CSSLetter
Allan Coulson2003CSSLetter
Michael Zuykov2004JRWSLetter
Karen Waggoner2004JRWS 
Gerald Grellet-Tinner2004CSS 
Torrey Nyborg2004CSSLetter
René Anne Shroat-Lewis2006JRWS 
Joshua Slattery2009JRWSLetter
Ashley A. Dineen2011JRWS 
Matt Jarrett2012JRWS 
Lukasz Modzelewski2012CSS 
Katya Larina2013JRWS Letter
Kimberly Handle2013CSS 
Christopher Aucoin2014JRWS 
David F. Wright2015JRWS 
Jennifer Bauer2016JRWS 
Sarah Sheffield2016JRWS 
Selina R. Cole2016JRWS 
Shannon Brophy2018JRWS 
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